Reservations may be booked any time in advance of the desired Reservation date.

The latest a reservation can be made for the next day is before the end of the previous business day.

No Same Day Reservations.

​Credit Card Payment (non refundable or transferable)  Phone: 401-315-5500   email:

Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Seasonal Parking Rates

Parking Rates and Services Revised January 2022


 Seasonal Rate​​

​ Memorial Day - Labor Day 

​ Resident/Bay Street Business: $2,000

Daily Parking Rates

May 1-May 26, Sept 6-Oct 10 

Monday-Friday: starting at $20.00 

Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: starting at $30.00

May 27-June 19

Monday-Friday: starting at $30.00 
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: starting at $40.00

June 20-Sept 5
Monday-Friday: starting at $40.00 
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: starting at $50.00

*Overnight Parking 10pm-10am: starting at $50.00

*Parking Rates subject to change. Call to confirm rate(s).


Weekly Rates

​Weekly: $140 - $280/wk

Monthly Rates

​May:                     $560/mnth

June:​                                                     $800/mnth

July + August:       $1,000/mnth

September:           $600/mnth

October:                $500/mnth

 Parking Lot Hours of Operation

Open for Entry: ​Mon-Sun, 10am-5pm

Open for making reservations: Mon-Sun, 9am-6pm​​​​