Reservations may be booked any time in advance of the desired Reservation date.

The latest a reservation can be made for the next day is before the end of the previous business day.

No Same Day Reservations.

​Credit Card Payment (non refundable or transferable)  Phone: 401-315-5500   email:

Parking Rates and Services Revised January 2021


* Violations of any Parking Policy result in the vehicle red-ticketed and/or towed from the property at the owners sole expense and risk of damage

Parking Policies

​​​​​​​~Open for Entry 10am-5pm (Mon-Sun)
​~Open to take reservations 9am-6pm (Mon-Sun)

~ Reservations are subject to availability

~Liability - Cars parked at owner's risk.  Reasonable care is given to cars left in the lot, however, the parking operator is not responsible for loss or damage due to fire, theft, breakage or collision.  Articles left in car at owner's risk.

~ Some vehicles may not fit in the lot, see "Oversized Vehicles"

~ All reservations must be pre-paid by credit card in advance, no same-day reservations will be booked

~ Payment is non refundable or transferrable ​​

~ Make, model, color, and license plate required

~ No vehicle substitutions - trucks not permitted

~ Pets not allowed

​~ Vehicles must pull into, not back into, spaces

​~ "Ins & Outs" not allowed

~Speed Limit is 5mph

~Must leave parking lot before dusk or will be charged overnight fee